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Registered agencies

The agencies listed on this page are registered with the Office of the Children's Guardian to provide or arrange voluntary out-of-home care services. If a child or young person is in voluntary out-of-home care with one or more registered agencies for longer than 90 days in any 12-month period, then a designated agency must supervise the care.    

Agencies previously registered for voluntary out-of-home care
Agency name – registration cancelled by the Children’s Guardian Registration startRegistration end
Hale Community Support25 September 201715 July 2020
APlus Care4all Pty Ltd23 October 201518 July 2019
Bungree Aboriginal Association29 March 201201 February 2019
Care 1 Pty Ltd30 October 201321 December 2018
Eirin Health Services Pty Ltd17 June 201121 December 2018
Tribes Adventure Group Pty Ltd09 February 201221 December 2018 


Agencies previously registered for voluntary out-of-home care
Agency name – registration withdrawn by agency Registration startRegistration end
Accessible Living Options Inc01 June 2018
Accommodation Network05 June 2019
Accuro Homecare Pty Ltd ATF Accuro Trust08 May 2018
Aeqvitas Pty Ltd (trading as Hunter Respite Services) 27 November 2019
Anarchy House Co-operative Ltd17 April 201917 July 2020
Australian Home Care Services Pty Ltd16 October 2015
Autism Central Coast Inc 21 November 2019
Bankstown Handicapped Children's Centre Assoc Inc02 May 2012
BCD Aged Care Pty Ltd 01 August 2019
Central Coast Disability Network Inc28 May 2018
Challenge Foundation Goulburn Incorporated14 August 2015
Community Care Options18 May 2018
Community Gateway Incorporated23 January 2019
Cooma Challenge Limited23 October 2018
Coonamble Parent Support Host Family Respite Care Inc09 August 2017
Cowarra (Bruce and Susan and Willingham)23 November 2016
Creativity Incorporated07 June 2018
Currajong Disability Services Inc16 November 2011
Dial-An-Angel Pty Ltd28 February 2017
Delphi Community Services21 September 2015
Dolleina Pty Limited17 February 2017
Emet House Cooperative08 March 201903 April 2020
Endeavour Industries Ltd07 November 2018
Estia Foundation of Australia14 February 2017
Exodus Youth Worx Incorporated03 May 2019
First Aid and Safety Training Macarthur Pty Ltd (Respite Choices)24 July 2018
FSG Australia28 April 2019
Greystanes Disability Services05 November 2015
iCare Support Services Pty Ltd (PO - Ms Julieann Cowen)25 November 2015    
Individual Ability Supports Incorporated05 May 2017
Interchange Respite Care Lismore03 May 2012
integratedliving Australia Ltd29 June 2020
Jacoul Respite Care Pty Ltd01 February 2011
Javas Care Pty Ltd28 February 2018
Julie Warner Community Care Pty Ltd17 December 2015
Kirinari Community Services Ltd23 January 2012
K Stutchbury & N Stutchbury01 August 2016
Kyogle District Care Connections Inc22 February 2017
Little Brown House Pty Ltd6 November 2018
Mayo Healthcare Group Pty Ltd31 May 2018
McLean Care Ltd31 July 2017
Mid Western Regional Council02 August 2017
My House Oatlands06 August 201310 June 2020
Nepean Area Disability Organisation16 April 2018
New Horizons Enterprises Ltd14 May 2018
New Lake Peer Support Inc12 June 2012
Nursing Port Stephens Pty Ltd03 September 2018
Omnicare Alliance Ltd 27 June 2019
On-Focus Inc04 June 2018
Open Arms Care Incorporated18 July 2018
Participate Australia Ltd25 March 2019
Positive Care Solutions Ltd 23 October 2019
Quality Health Care20 February 2019
R Brown & E.R. Brown (Prospect Farm)23 November 2016
Response Services Incorporated08 November 2016
Share Care Inc05 October 2017
SOS Nursing  & Home Care Pty Ltd20 March 2015
Sunraysia Residential Services Incorporated23 January 2019
Sylvanvale Foundation22 October 2018
The Ascent Group Australia Limited02 May 2017
The Trustee for Nelson Family Trust (Just Better Care)16 December 2015
The Trustee for Premium Aged Care Services Trust04 May 2017
The Trustee for Recruitment Solutions Group Australia Trust (Belmore Community Care)18 January 2017
TK Assisted Living Cooperative08 March 201917 June 2020
Uila Pty Ltd (trading as Kikivi Education Centre) 29 November 2019
UnitingCare Lithgow26 February 2018
Universal Care Connections Pty Ltd08 January 2018
Valmar Support Services Ltd03 August 2018
Wendy's Home Care Limited01 November 2017
Young Men's Christian Association of Sydney (t/a YMCA Sydney)19 February 2019
Youth Matters Pty Ltd06 July 2018