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The Westhaven Association

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Voluntary out-of-home care listing | Statutory out-of-home care listing

Statutory out-of-home care details

Organisation: The Westhaven Association

Service type: Residential care

Principal officer: Catherine Deveigne – General Manager Children’s Services and Intense Support

Address: 475 Wheelers Lane, Dubbo NSW 2830

Postal address: 475 Wheelers Lane, Dubbo NSW 2830

Phone: 02 6882 7188

ABN: 56 000 543 046

Accreditation: Three years

Accreditation expiry: 4 September 2021

Conditions of accreditation (PDF 63.4KB)

Voluntary out-of-home care details

Program name: Westhaven Accommodation Support Service

Target group: Children and young people aged 5–17 years, with carers over the age of 60 years or Aboriginal carers over 45 years

Service type: Centre-based respite, residential

Service area: Western NSW

Conditions of registration (PDF 81.8KB)

Voluntary out-of-home care coordinator

Name: Cathy Deveigne

Postal address: PO Box 4695 Dubbo East NSW 2830

Phone: 02 6885 6586

Fax: 02 6882 4799

Email: cathy.d@westhavendubbo.com.au