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Review of standards for out-of-home care and adoption

From August 2020, the Office of the Children's Guardian will be consulting with the statutory out-of-home care and adoption sector to review and update accreditation criteria and the assessment and monitoring framework for providing these services in NSW.

The review of the accreditation criteria will focus on three areas for reform:

  • Implementing the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, specifically the implementation of Child Safe Standards in child-related organisations
  • Implementing recommendations arising from the Family is Culture Independent Review into Aboriginal OOHC in NSW
  • Identifying opportunities to streamline reporting requirements and reduce the administrative burden on out-of-home care and adoption service providers.

We are committed to implementing recommendations arising from the Family is Culture review. There is an urgent need to improve the capacity of the out-of-home care sector to meet the needs of Aboriginal children and young people. We will use the opportunity provided by the review of accreditation criteria to more explicitly set out practice requirements to support culturally-appropriate care to Aboriginal children and young people.

Consultation on the revised accreditation criteria will begin with Aboriginal organisations providing statutory out-of-home care. The focus of these discussions will be on:

  • practice requirements in relation to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child and Young Person Placement Principles
  • children and young people’s wellbeing and maintaining connections to family, community and culture.

Following these consultations, a discussion paper and draft accreditation criteria will be circulated to the sector for comment and feedback.

We expect the discussion paper will be available in December 2020.