Key statistics - NSW Carers Register

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  • Designated agencies providing statutory foster care has risen by one since the commencement of the Carers Register
  • Authorised carers have increased on an average of 450 per quarter
  • FACS marginally authorise more carers than the total of NGOs
  • 13% of authorised carers identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander
  • 63% of authorised carers are female
  • 47% of household members are female
  • 60% of household members are over 18 years and require a WWCC
  • 62% of carer applicants are being managed by FACS, however this number is due to historical (outstanding) provisional authorisation being finalised

Key statistics for previous years are available here. (PDF 100.9KB)

 30 June 2018Jul–Sep 2018Oct–Dec 2018Jan–Mar 2019Apr–Jun 2019
Designated agencies – accredited to provide statutory out-of-home care4648   
Authorised carers (currently authorised)
Note: some carers may be authorised with one or more agencies
Authorised carers who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander26582680   
Type of care     
    Statutory foster care12,14211,940   
    Other care (relative/kinship)88028728   
Households (current)12,92513,253   
Household members (currently residing with an authorised carer)12,62312,895   
< 18 years69056002   
> 18 years57186893   
Authorised carers – Female12,43912,478   
Authorised carers – Male76977714   
Household members – Female60356155   
Household members – Male65886740   
Carer applicants32343180   
Note: includes provisionally authorised carers
    Cancelled – with concerns772846   
    Cancelled – without concerns16171885   
    Surrendered – with concerns245259   
    Surrendered – without concerns43815181   
    Withdrawn – with concerns664713   
    Withdrawn – without concerns32383543   
Reportable allegations
(lodged during period)
    Finalised – contact agency1826   
    Finalised – no record4251   
NOTEUnless indicated otherwise, figures are cumulative


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