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Department of Family and Community Services

Community Services Check for Carer or Household Member (16 years or over) Applicants

Download and complete one form per applicant

Community Services Check Application for an authorised carer applicant, or household member applicant 16 years old or over, applying through a non-government out of home care agency (DOCX 39.8KB)

Before lodging this application

  • Make sure that all probity checks for the applicant has been completed before you lodge this application
  • Note that this application does not apply to current Department of Communities and Justice carers transferring to your agency. The Checks for these applicants are completed during the transfer process
  • Note that this form cannot be used to request a check for guardianship applications, applications for new adoptive parents or applications for residential care workers
  • Note that this form cannot be used to request a check for a carer who is already authorised
  • Send applications for all applicants from one household together in a single email
  • Use one application form per applicant

Email the completed forms to:

Email: CSCheck@facs.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 02 9716 3488