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Carers Register user guide

The Carers Register user guide has been developed by the Office of the Children's Guardian to assist designated agencies to navigate the various functions within the Carers Register and to assist designated agencies to develop internal procedures that adhere to best practice administrative principles when utilising the Carers Register.

The Carers Register user guide has been conveniently divided into 5 sections to enable designated agencies to efficiently locate relevant content.  A summary of the contents of sections  is as follows:

Section 1: Agency registration
Agencies register by completing the Carers Register registration form (PDF 147.1KB) with reference to the Carers Register administration guide. (PDF 1.6MB)

Section 2: Administration guide
The Administration guide (PDF 1.6MB)provides information on how to complete the form and further instructions on creating your agency's structure and additional users.  The Administration guide is also available in e-book format in the training package.

Section 3: Guidance notes 
The Guidance notes  (PDF 1.1MB)provides a Carers Register overview of designated agencies roles and responsibilities, data entry requirements and business rules relevant to the Carers Register.  This includes the rules concerning the authorisation and applications of persons (and relevant household members) to provide statutory or supported out-of-home care in New South Wales. 

Section 4: Training package
The Training package (PDF 765.7KB) offers guidance on delivering effective training to staff members through active participation in the Carers Register training environment, including self-paced learning.  

Section 5: Operational guide  
The Operational Guide offers step-by-step directions on how to record information onto the Carers Register. There are 11 modules in this guide.

Module 1: Overview (pdf 854.1KB)
The Carers Register is a secure, restricted access database which holds information about authorised carers, individuals who apply to become authorised carers, and their household members.
Module 2: Key concepts (pdf 928.9KB)
This module will examine the key concepts of the Carers Register.
Module 3: Data requirements (pdf 1.5MB)
This module will examine the data requirements of the Carers Register, including minimum information, probity and suitability of assessment information.
Module 4: Information exchange (pdf 1MB)
Designated agencies are required to exchange relevant information for the purpose of assessing carer and household member suitability.
Module 5: Login and access information (pdf 585.9KB)
There are 5 different levels of access to the Carers Register and each level can access different functions in the Register. It is important that each staff member have the appropriate level of access for their role.
Module 6: The Back Capture process (pdf 2.2MB)
The Back Capture function is a time limited process for the purpose of recording carers authorised (and their household members) prior to the commencement of the Carers Register.
Module 7: Record an OOHC application (pdf 12MB)
The ‘Record an OOHC application’ function is used for all OOHC carer applications post 01/06/2015.
Module 8: Search functions (pdf 8.5MB)
This module outlines how the various search functions within the Carers Register work.
Module 9: Individual management (pdf 7.2MB)
This module provides information on how to manage carers and household members after they have been authorised.
Module 10: Household management (pdf 3.5MB)
This module outlines the tasks that can be carried out in the household management function.
Module 11: System generated reports (pdf 3.2MB)
This module provides information on how to generate reports from the Carers Register.