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17 Sep 2020


2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Free Webinar Understanding your reporting obligations in early childhood education and school settings

Early childhood and education services and schools in NSW have obligations to report child protection concerns and allegations. This webinar provided by the Reportable Conduct Directorate will help you to:

  • Know how to make a report to Police and the Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ
  • Understand what happens to your report once it’s been made
  • Think about risk management in partnership with Police and DCJ 
  • Identify areas where your organisation’s reporting practices could be strengthened
Please note, there is no certificate for this webinar and is not associated with NESA professional development.


Register for this webinar

*For any enquiries, please contact Rachel Norman, Child Safe Coordinator for the early childhood sector and Marie Mercado, Child Safe Coordinator for education sector at childsafe@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au