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24 Sep 2020


10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Free Webinar Child Safe Standards Series for Early Childhood Education Centres - Panel Discussion

The Child Safe Standards are part of the continuous improvement of child safety in organisations. The Child Safe Standards Series has demonstrated that the risk of child abuse is present in all organisations, including early childhood education centres. The Child Safe Standards enable organisations to review current child safe practices and identify areas for improvement.

Many centre based providers are demonstrating excellent child safe practices that can be shared with the sector however there are always aspects of organisational safety that can be strengthened and improved.

Please join us for a robust discussion on child safe practices and challenges in centre based early childhood education services. Panellists will be announced shortly.

The panel discussion will:

  • Discuss examples of strong child safe practices in OOSH services
  • Discuss gaps in child safe practices in OOSH services
  • Discuss challenges OOSH services may have in applying the standards.  

Please note, there is no certificate for this webinar and is not associated with NESA professional development.

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*For any enquiries, please contact Rachel Norman, Child Safe Coordinator for the early childhood sector at childsafe@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au