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Booking Information



Register via GoTo webinar, Australia


7 Aug 2020


10:00 AM - 11:30 AM

Free Child Safe Standards webinar - Faith based organisations

The Child Safe Standards (The Standards) provides a framework for organisations to create and maintain environments that support children and young people to feel and be safe. They provide a benchmark against which organisations can assess their child safe capability, set performance targets and help organisations address multiple risks.

This webinar will:
* provide an overview of the Child Safe Standards
* give you ideas for starting out
* provide you with resources and support to begin implementation

People in leadership, safeguarding and any child related roles within a faith setting are encouraged to attend.

Please note, there is no certificate for this webinar and is not associated with NESA professional development.


*For any enquiries, please contact Elleker Cohen, Child Safe Coordinator for the faith sector at childsafe@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au

 * Please note, we have Coordinators who are working with sport, education, early education, local government and Aboriginal agencies. Please contact the Child Safe team to be directed to your Coordinator to find out what support you access in your sector.