Pre-employment notification

Before you employ a child, you will need to let us know at least seven days before the employment starts, how the child will be employed. This is so that we can make sure that the child’s employment complies with the Code of Practice.

How to notify us:

  1. Complete a pre-employment notification form (XLSX 43.1KB)
  2. Provide details of any risks that you have identified for children (associated with the work location, the child’s role or schedule) and your proposed strategies for minimising these risks.
  3. Email your completed form and supporting information to

We may ask for more information such as:

  • a script, storyboard, mood board or layout
  • proposed employment schedule for the child
  • safety reports or risk assessments that are relevant to your production.

Production changes

You may need to make changes to your production plans and/or schedule so that it complies with the Code of Practice.
If your child employment plans change significantly, you will need to let us know.

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