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Working With Children Check results

What is the application process?

Your application for a Working With Children Check goes through a process which involves identity verification and a national search of a number of databases. Depending on the outcome of these searches, there may need to be further assessment.

Once you have completed your application and taken your application number and proof of identity to a Service NSW centre, your application goes through at least one of these three steps:

1. Check against record databases

Your name and date of birth is checked against the national police database and workplace misconduct records to make sure you are correctly identified. Read more about what gets checked.

This step can take a few days, but may take longer depending on your personal information. If you have a common name and date of birth, the process of cross-referencing your name against record databases can take longer. 

Once proof of identity has been provided at a Service NSW centre, most people will receive their results within a few days. However please allow four weeks before being in contact to enquire about your application's progress.

2. Review of all records

If you have a police or workplace misconduct record, every record will be reviewed. This process can take up to a few months due to a number of factors including:

  • length of criminal history
  • age of records
  • whether there are interstate records to retrieve
  • whether there are aliases.

The review includes any cases where there were proceedings against you, whether you were found guilty or not.

3. Risk assessment

We may find information in your records that will trigger a risk assessment. We must risk assess your application if you have any charges or convictions for the offences listed in Schedule 1 of the WWC Act. We also risk assess an application in any other circumstance which the Children’s Guardian considers to be relevant to the safety of children.

The high demand for the Working With Children Check can mean delays in processing applications where a risk assessment is required. It can take more than 12 months to evaluate a person’s suitability for child-related work. It is important that you only apply for a check when required. This will help to avoid delays in processing your check.

Read more about the risk assessment process.

What happens next with my application?

We will inform you about the progress of your application. You will receive one of the following by email (if supplied) or post:

  • A Working With Children Check notice – allows you to work with children. It will contain your WWC number that you need to give to your employer.
  • Disqualification letter – which bars you from working with children.
  • Notice of interim bar – which means you cannot work with children until you have been cleared. Read our fact sheet on bars and appeals (PDF 179.3KB) for more information.
  • Notice of risk assessment. Read more about risk assessments.

Starting work

You do not need to wait to receive your WWC number to start work. Your employer can verify your clearance status online using your application (APP) number. Once you have completed the application process, your APP number becomes valid for use in the online verification process. Visit our Paid and Volunteer workers page to find out more about the application process.

Getting verified

You must advise your employer of your Working With Children Check number. Your employer must verify you online, using their employer profile with the Office of the Children's Guardian. If your employer hasn't verified you online, they are not meeting their Working With Children Check obligations. See our Information for Employers (PDF 482.3KB) fact sheet for more information.