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Only paid workers are required to pay $80 for a five-year clearance. This equates to $16 per year, the lowest fee for a Working With Children Check in Australia. 

Once the fee has been paid, there is no refund. 

For example: if you become barred, withdraw your application, or select "paid" by mistake on your application form, or have failed to disclose a maiden name, or any previous or alias names, you will not receive a refund.

The Check is free for:

  • volunteers
  • students over 18 on professional placement
  • potential adoptive parents
  • authorised carers (foster carers and other authorised carers of children in statutory and supported out-of-home care)
  • adults who reside in the home of an authorised carer, a family day care service provider, or home-based education and care service provider.