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Working With Children Check FAQ

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Top questions about the NSW Working With Children Check

01. Do I need a Working With Children Check?

02. How do I get a Working With Children Check?

03. What proof of identity documents do I need to provide?

04. How much does it cost?

05. How do I apply if I do not live in NSW (interstate and overseas applicants)?

06. Should I apply for a paid or volunteer Working With Children Check?

07. I have lost my WWC number, how do I find it?

08. Do I get a certificate or a card?

09. How do I change from Volunteer WWC number to Paid WWC number?

10. How long is the Working With Children Check valid for?

11. I have worked with my employer for many years, and cannot find my WWC number. What can I do?

12. How long will it take for me to get my WWC number?

13. My employer told me to re-apply for a Working With Children Check, but I already have WWC number. What should I do?

14. I have applied twice for a paid WWC number, can I get a refund?

15. When do I renew my WWC number?

16. How do I register as a child-related “employer”?

17. How do I verify a WWC or APP number?

18. If a person’s Working With Children Check status changes, will the employer get notified?

19. What is the difference between a Working With Children Check and a National Police Check?