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Verifying a Check

Once you have registered, you can log in and verify whether a worker is cleared to work with children, or has a valid application in progress for a Working With Children Check. For information about the registration process, see child-related employers or refer to the Information for employers. (PDF 482.3KB)

How to verify a worker

You MUST verify every worker using the online verification system. You cannot accept a confirmation letter as proof of clearance.

Log in as an employer, and choose Verify a status from the top menu. Enter the following details about each person you wish to verify:

  • family name
  • date of birth
  • Working With Children Check number (or application number*)

*An application number may only be used for verification once the applicant has presented proof of identity to a NSW Motor Registry, RMS Agency, or Service NSW office (not your local Council). Find a location at www.service.nsw.gov.au/service-centre

Once you have submitted this information, you will receive the result immediately. 

Results and their meanings when verifying a Check
Application in progressWorker has completed the application process and may begin working with children. If he or she becomes barred, the employer will receive notification.
ClearedWorker is cleared to work with children until their Working With Children Check expires (date shown in result).
BarredWorker has been barred and cannot work with children, paid or unpaid. It is an offence to hire a barred worker for child-related work.
Interim barWorker has been barred and cannot work with children, paid or unpaid, pending the outcome of a risk assessment. It is an offence to hire a barred worker for child-related work.

Worker does not have a current Working With Children Check and may not work with children. It is an offence to engage this person in child-related work or child-related roles.

Not found

The database cannot find a matching result because:

  • the data entered for online verification (name, date of birth and Working With Children Check number or application number) has errors
  • the application has been withdrawn or terminated without an outcome
  • the application process has not been completed
It is an offence to hire this worker for child-related work, paid or unpaid.


Record keeping  

The Children's Guardian will remind workers to renew their Check three months before it expires, but employers must also keep records of the current Check status of child-related workers (including volunteers). These records must include the full name, Working With Children Check number, date of verification and Check expiry date of each child-related worker. This information may be audited.