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Child Safe Standards

Resources on the Child Safe Standards

Cover thumbnail - A guide to the Child Safe Standards A guide to the Child Safe Standards (PDF 10.6 MB, 52 pages)

 A guide to developing child safe Codes of Conduct (PDF 2.5 MB, 32 pages)

CSS_ImplementationGuideFaithOrganisations_Page_01.pngChild Safe Standards: Guide for Faith-Based Organisations (PDF 5 MB, 50 pages)

 Engaging sensitively with survivors of abuse (PDF 4.4 MB, 52 pages)

 Oversight and regulatory mechanisms protecting children (PDF 121 KB, 2 pages)

CSSGuide_poster.png Child Safe Standards poster (PDF 231 KB)

 Child Safe Standards and core components (PDF 482 KB, 4 pages)

 Online safety for children (Standard 8) (PDF 364 KB, 2 pages)

 Child Safe Standards flyer (PDF 1.5 MB, 2 pages)