Introducing our safe book series. Meet our safe champions Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve

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SAFE books and workshops

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian is proud to introduce Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve. They are the stars of the SAFE book series, a set of four books containing protective behaviour messages for children 2-6 years old.

Sam - SAFE championAndy - SAFE championFiona - SAFE championEve - SAFE champion

The books support the rights of children and promote them having a voice. 

  • Help children identify the parts of their body that are private
  • Help them understand their feelings
  • Encourage them to think about five people who they trust to help them if they feel scared, sad or upset

The books are designed for services providing early childhood education to children aged 2-6. We provide access to the program through SAFE series training. Attend one of our workshops to learn how to implement the protective behaviours program effectively. Request a SAFE book series workshop. (PDF 3.4MB)

To check whether there is already a SAFE series training session coming soon to your area, see a full list of upcoming SAFE series training events.

To assist educators we have also developed a guide to support the delivery of the SAFE series. In creating the guide we considered the advice of professionals in protective behaviours and experienced early childhood educators.

Video highlights of the launch