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Principles for Child-Safe Organisations

The Office of the Children’s Guardian has developed the Principles for Child-Safe Organisations (PDF 2.6MB) to help organisations create safer environments for the children they are involved with.

The principles are designed to be flexible enough for organisations to implement child-safe strategies that address their organisation’s own particular environmental risks.

While policies and procedures are beneficial, the principles also remind us of the importance of organisational culture, the attitudes, values and beliefs of an organisation in keeping children safe.

Organisations are encouraged to download and display one of the colourful A3 posters below to demonstrate their commitment to being child safe.

Child safe principles poster 1Child safe principles poster thumbnail - Indigenous themeChild safe principles poster 2
Child safe principles poster 3Child safe principles poster 4Child safe principles poster 5Child safe principles poster 6

Principles for child-safe organisations

  • Principle 1: The organisation focuses on what is best for children
  • Principle 2: All children are respected and treated fairly
  • Principle 3: Children’s families and communities are welcome and encouraged to participate in the organisation
  • Principle 4: Children receive services from skilled and caring adults

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