MaintenanceIn the lead-up to the 2019 state election, the department’s website and other channels will operate in line with the caretaker conventions. This means there will be limited updates from 1 March 2019 until the election is finalised.

NSW caretaker period has commenced.

The caretaker period for the NSW Election commenced on 1 March 2019. Accordingly, no ministerial press releases or related information issued by the Government from 1 March 2019 will be available on this website.

For copies of recently issued ministerial press releases or information on the election policies of any political party, go to the website of the relevant political party.

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Listening to children and young people

Participation is an integral component of being a Child-safe Child-friendly organisation. If kids’ participation is not valued and facilitated in an organisation, children and young people are unlikely to speak up about experiences of feeling unsafe.

Participation involves...

  • Understanding the importance of enabling and promoting the participation of children in activities, events and decision-making about issues that affect their lives.
  • Actively facilitating the participation of children and young people
  • Creating an environment and supporting skill development to facilitate children’s participation. 
  • Involving children and young people in making decisions about policies, programs and services

Taking participation seriously

  • Demonstrates your commitment to upholding the rights of children
  • Provides you with the opportunity to check that what you are doing is actually what children want;
  • Strengthens the commitment of children to your organisation
  • Builds the leadership skills of children and
  • Enhances the safety of children



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