Do you need a Working With Children Check?
DefinitelyNot sure?No Check required
You work with children (this includes music teachers, extracurricular coaches, instructors, dance teachers, tutors, au pairs and nannies).✖ You work in an organisation that delivers services for children but do not have more than incidental contact with the children.You are under 18.
You work or help children with disability.

✔ You work in an organisation that delivers services to children and handle confidential data.

Note that the employer may have to apply to have the role deemed child-related work.

Your work occasionally includes helping out with children as an incidental part of your role your work with children is very short term - a visitor to a school as a guest speaker.
You provide transport for children (including to their work in the entertainment industry).✖ You are a student, over 18, on a clinical placement in a hospital or other health service.You are a co-worker or supervisor of a worker who is under 18.
You volunteer to work with children who are not close relatives.✔ You are joining a formal mentoring program.You work in the NSW or Australian Federal Police forces.
You are working or volunteering at a kids' overnight camp.✔ You dress or make-up children working on an ad shoot.You are a private practice health practitioner who treats children with another adult present.
You provide babysitting through an agency.✖ You do informal domestic work at a home where there are children.You are visiting from interstate and working with children for fewer than 30 days
 ✖ You babysit by private arrangement. 
 ✔ You chaperone or supervise children working in the entertainment industry.