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The Children's Guardian

The Children’s Guardian in NSW is Ms Janet Schorer, having taken up the position on 10 July 2017.

Janet began her career as a nurse with The Children’s Hospital at Westmead, before gaining qualifications as a child and adolescent psychologist.


Moving to the Department of Family and Community Services she worked in case management combined with nursing and psychology support for people with disability and in child protection.

The next few years saw a gradual shift from case work to policy and program management leading to her appointment as Director of the Director General’s Office, Family and Community Services.

In 2014 Janet was appointed Executive Director of the NDIS Reform Group for the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet and led the Commonwealth negotiations and transition to the NDIS across NSW Government.

From her experience in caring directly for children and adults, and in designing and running care programs, Janet has seen how they both intersect – to be effective, good programs and systems need good people, and good people need good programs and systems.

As Children’s Guardian, Janet aims to build on the strengths of the networks of care that support children and young people in NSW so that they receive the best quality care and support throughout their young lives.