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Information on current activities and events at the Office of the Children's Guardian

Media enquiries can be directed to the Media and Communications team using our Contact Us form.

New videos – all you need to know about renewing your WWC number   18 Apr 2018
The first reminders have started going out to people whose Working With Children Check is due to expire soon – learn how to keep your details up to da ...
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#renewyourchecknsw   27 Mar 2018
The NSW Children’s Guardian Janet Schorer has issued an alert to all adults who are in child-related roles to check the expiry date of their Working W ...
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Report on NSW working with children legislation tabled in parliament   14 Mar 2018
In 2017 the Office of the Children's Guardian conducted a review of the legislation that underpins the Working With Children Check in NSW.
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Children's Guardian releases videos to help keep kids with disability safe   22 Feb 2018
Videos to help parents choose the right person or organisation to work with children are now online, focusing on the disability sector.
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SAFESpace eLearning now online   28 Nov 2017
SAFESpace eLearning is for organisations and carers to help them create child-safe environments for kids with disability. It has been developed by the ...
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Mirror mirror on the wall … who is most child safe of all?   27 Oct 2017
A new pilot program to help organisations to more accurately reflect on and identify the ways their environments have become safer for children was an ...
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