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Information on current activities and events at the Office of the Children's Guardian

Media enquiries can be directed to the Media and Communications team using our Contact Us form.

SAFESpace eLearning now online   28 Nov 2017
SAFESpace eLearning is for organisations and carers to help them create child-safe environments for kids with disability. It has been developed by the ...
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Mirror mirror on the wall … who is most child safe of all?   27 Oct 2017
A new pilot program to help organisations to more accurately reflect on and identify the ways their environments have become safer for children was an ...
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New figures shine a spotlight on unsafe employers   20 Oct 2017
The NSW Children’s Guardian Ms Janet Schorer has issued a strong warning to employers and organisations they risk creating unsafe environments for chi ...
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As Eye See It 2017 now online   5 Sep 2017
An online gallery of photos and text by children and young people in out-of-home care in NSW is now available.
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Be part of National Child Protection Week (3-9 September)   10 Aug 2017
Get involved with National Child Protection Week this year and play your part in creating safe and nurturing environments for all Australian children. ...
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Day one as NSW Children’s Guardian for Janet Schorer   10 Jul 2017
On her first day as NSW Children’s Guardian Ms Janet Schorer has stressed the importance of services for children being responsive to their individual ...
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