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Information on current activities and events at the Office of the Children's Guardian

Media enquiries can be directed to the Media and Communications team using our Contact Us form.

Public consultation on NSW child safe standards in 2019   17 Dec 2018
The Office of the Children’s Guardian is exploring the benefits of introducing child safe standards in NSW.
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Creative Kids program now open for provider registrations   30 Nov 2018
Following a NSW Government announcement, parents, guardians and carers will soon be able to apply for a voucher for up to $100 per calendar year for e ...
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November communique – Australian children’s commissioners and guardians forum   16 Nov 2018
A call for greater support for children and young people living in the most highly vulnerable circumstances was a key element of the communique releas ...
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Working with children scheme five years on, recent legislative changes   13 Nov 2018
In her article published in the latest edition of Law Society of NSW Journal, Office of the Children’s Guardian Director of Legal Services, Sharminie ...
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Child-safe community groups are crucial   24 Oct 2018
The importance of community organisations being child safe should be as commonly understood as why we wear seatbelts in cars.
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Making NSW safer for children and young people   22 Oct 2018
New figures released today from the Office of the Children’s Guardian highlight the significant progress being made to make organisations safer for mo ...
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