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Working With Children Check - independent review underway

9 October 2019

Claims published in recent media reports of inappropriate granting of Working With Children Check clearances are under independent review.

The review process had begun before the recent media reports appeared and was established to examine the decision-making process for assessing Working With Children Check applications.

Findings of the review will be made public and acted on by the Children’s Guardian.

Each decision to grant or refuse a Working With Children Check clearance is determined in accordance with legislation.

Where risk assessment is required, the decision-making process is consultative including peer review and the involvement of the Office of the Children’s Guardian legal team on complex matters, informed by a multi-layered, evidence-based assessment.

If you have concerns about organisations or individuals not meeting their obligations under the Working With Children Check, please report you concerns via our Contact us web page.

In response to criticism of the workplace culture, Children’s Guardian Janet Schorer urged staff members to take advantage of the mechanisms available to them to air grievances.

“All staff have a right to work in an environment free from bullying, and to be treated with dignity and respect. There are strong mechanisms in place for staff to have their say and see their concerns addressed. Any issues raised with me have been treated seriously and will continue to be so,” Ms Schorer said.