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What to do before hiring a private tutor or coach for your child

18 July 2016

Recent media coverage has highlighted the importance of parents obtaining and verifying Working With Children Check details of tutors and coaches they engage to teach their children.

In a Sydney Morning Herald article, the Office of the Children's Guardian noted that it is a legal requirement for all private tuition and coaching workers to have a current clearance, but that some parents can be reluctant to follow through with verifying the checks.

The article cited the example of maths tutor Quy Huy Hoang, who had no Working with Children clearance and received a 24-year jail term in April for the sexual abuse of a young students over several years.

What parents should to do

  • Get the coach or tutor's full name, date of birth and Working With Children Check APP or WWC number
  • Go to www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/check/apply and enter the details to verify the tutor or coach has a valid clearance for working with children in NSW
  • If a parent registers to verify a person who is later barred from working with children, the parent will be notified of the change of status.
  • If anyone suspects an adult is providing services to children without a valid Working With Children Check a confidential report can be made to the Office of the Children's Guardian online or by phone on (02) 8219 3777. Report a concern online.

Find out more

Go to #parentscheckthecheck