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Survey shows support for Child Safe Standards

24 February 2021

A survey of child-related organisations conducted by the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian shows organisations are beginning to implement the Child Safe Standards endorsed by the NSW Government.

The survey was conducted to find out how the Office of the Children’s Guardian can best support organisations to put the standards in place.

The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse recommended 10 Child Safe Standards, drawing on its findings, research and consultation about what makes organisations child safe.

The survey received more than 1,400 responses with most saying their organisation was starting to implement the standards.

When asked about their organisation's strengths, challenges and room for improvement, a third of the comments highlighted difficulties and challenges faced such as time pressure at work and not having time for training and professional development.

The findings will support the work of the Office of the Children’s Guardian to raise awareness of the standards and support organisations as they put them in place.