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SAFESpace eLearning now online

Young actors Audrey O’Connor (left) and Nancy Denis28 November 2017

SAFESpace eLearning is for organisations and carers to help them create child-safe environments for kids with disability. It has been developed by the Office of the Children’s Guardian in partnership with Family and Community Services, and is now available free.

The SAFESpace program was launched on 31 October at Luna Park where Minister for Disability Services and Multiculturalism, Ray Williams, was joined by representatives from the child care and disability sectors.

As well as eLearning, SAFESpace includes free, face-to-face training and a suite of online resources all available at kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/safespace.

SAFESpace was launched by two exciting young actors, Nancy Denis (The Great Gatsby, Cleverman) and Audrey O’Connor (Yolk, RUCKUS theatre group), at Luna Park, Sydney.