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Recruitment begins for Aboriginal Deputy Children’s Guardian

18 August 2020

The Office of the Children’s Guardian is recruiting for the position of an Aboriginal Deputy Children’s Guardian as part of the NSW Government response to the Family is Culture review of Aboriginal children and young people in out-of-home care.

Aboriginal children make up about 40% of all children in state care in NSW. The work of the Office of the Children’s Guardian has a direct impact on the lives of First Nation children, families, communities and organisations.

NSW Children’s Guardian, Janet Schorer, said the new position will have a leadership role that goes beyond out-of-home care, and will not be confined to Aboriginal children.

The work will involve the development and delivery of policy, programs and services which affect Aboriginal people and involve liaising directly with Aboriginal peoples and communities.

“The new position will lead our work in statutory out-of-home care, and our broader Child Safe Organisations work.

“The role will also coordinate our response to the Family is Culture report, drawing on our own data and from across the sector,” Ms Schorer said.

“This is a great opportunity for my organisation to shape a different conversation for us with Aboriginal communities for the benefit of children in NSW,” Ms Schorer said.