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Office of the Children’s Guardian sets a new strategic approach

21 July 2020

Upholding children and young people’s right to be safe is at the core of a new strategic plan released today by NSW Children’s Guardian, Janet Schorer.

The plan was developed through extensive consultation with employees and key external stakeholders. and sets a new purpose and vision for the Office of the Children’s Guardian and builds on the additional powers and functions provided under the new Children’s Guardian Act.

  • Purpose “We regulate and oversee organisations to uphold children and young people’s right to be safe.”
  • Vision “We influence and lead change by building capability in organisations to be child-safe.”

The strategic priorities outlined in the plan will channel energy and effort to delivering the new vision. The strategy also sets the future agenda for the Office of the Children’s Guardian to 2023 to help create safer places for children in NSW.

A new set of values has also been agreed: integrity, trust, service, accountability, respect and empathy.

These new values guide the actions and decisions of every employee, NSW Children’s Guardian, Janet Schorer, said.

“Any organisation or person who interacts with our office can expect that their interactions with our employees will be underpinned by these values.

“I want the culture of our organisation to reflect the active and meaningful engagement of employees, a safe environment to represent diverse perspectives, personal accountability for living our values and a commitment to service excellence,” Ms Schorer said.

Implementing these values will build a culture that enables the Office of the Children’s Guardian to thrive, whilst delivering our new vision to keep children and young people safe in NSW.

Read the strategic plan: Our Strategic Approach. (PDF 264.7KB)