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Guide to Child Safe Standards released

25 June 2020

Cover thumbnail - A guide to the Child Safe StandardsThe Office of the Children’s Guardian has created a guide to help organisations implement the Child Safe Standards recommended by the child abuse royal commission and endorsed by the NSW Government.

A guide to the Child Safe Standards (PDF 7.4MB) supports organisations to develop and put in place strategies to keep children safe.

This is part of developing an approach to putting the Child Safe Standards at the heart of our work in overseeing and regulating organisations, NSW Children’s Guardian, Ms Janet Schorer, said.

“We know that child-safe cultures develop over time. They need consistent effort and action by leaders, employees and volunteers.

“This guide will help organisations focus those efforts,” Ms Schorer said.

The guide shows organisations how to implement each of the 10 Child Safe Standards. It will help organisations identify key risks to child safety and decide what action can be taken to better protect children.

The Child Safe Standards are principle-based. There is no one-size-fits-all approach and organisations can implement them in ways that make sense in their context, considering their size, interactions with children, and resources.

This guide will help organisations progress through evidence and examples to reinforce a child safe culture. This is an ongoing approach to improving service delivery to children, developing skills and changing organisational culture.

Keeping children safe is everyone’s responsibility

Keeping children safe is a shared responsibility. Organisations need to ensure the safety of children is the focus of their organisation: from the decisions made at board level by leaders, to the services provided by front line employees, including volunteers.

Media enquiries: media@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au