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Child Safe Survey now online

22 October 2020

The Office of the Children’s Guardian is committed to making organisations safer for children. We want to support organisations to implement the Child Safe Standards.

To help us find the best ways to support you in implementing the Child Safe Standards, please complete this short survey. It will take 5 to 10 minutes to complete.

The survey will prompt reflection on what organisations consider their strengths and where there are opportunities for improvement to keep children safe from harm.

Responses to the survey will also give us insights into the cultures and practices in organisations so we can better target their capacity building and support work. Organisations can also use the survey as a chance to reflect on their child safe practices.

We encourage you to share the survey with colleagues and organisations in your network. You can complete the survey if you work in, or have a child who attends, an organisation that provides services to children in NSW. Responses are anonymous.

The survey will close on 6 November.