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Child Safe resource to be showcased after swim school abuse allegations

3 April 2019

The NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian will help support parents at a Mosman community meeting in the wake of child abuse allegations at a local swim school.

The event for parents of primary school age children is being held at the Mosman Art Gallery in Sydney’s north on Thursday evening 4 April, hosted by North Shore Police Area Command.

Staff at the Office of the Children’s Guardian were invited to share resources designed to help young children understand boundaries and speak up about improper behaviour.

In the SAFE book series, characters Sam, Andy, Fiona and Eve learn protective behaviour messages designed for early primary school children.

Staff at the Office of the Children’s Guardian have run workshops on using these resources to over 5,000 teachers and professional carers across NSW since the books were launched in 2016.

The SAFE Series is one of 3 training programs offered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian to help organisations create safe environments for children.

The SAFE series program aims to empower young children to:

  • know which parts of their body are private
  • recognise safe and unsafe spaces
  • build a network of trusted adults they can tell anything to
  • talk about their emotions.

To find a free workshop near you, or to request one, go to: www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/childsafe-training

Media contact: kidsmedia@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au or 0413 452 498