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Celebrating Universal Children’s Day with launch of new SAFE Series character

22 October 2018

Mandu adds to the SAFE Series characters, a child protection program which aims to empower children in preschool as one technique for preventing abuse by introducing the concepts of personal safety and how to raise concerns when they feel unsafe.

SAFE series characters joined by Mandu
Mandu joins the SAFE series team

The Meeting Mandu video will launch on our Facebook page @nswkidsguardian on 24 October at 11am.

The SAFE Series has been nominated for a NSW Premier’s Award and Life Without Barriers is using the SAFE Series for their Protective Behaviours Program which is being delivered to all 2–10 year olds in out of home care across Australia.

Teaching children ways to protect themselves is one of a suite of strategies in the resources offered by the Office of the Children’s Guardian to help keep children safe from harm and abuse. The SAFE series books have been created to empower young children to:

  • know which parts of their body are private
  • recognise safe and unsafe spaces
  • build a network of five ‘heroes’ they can tell anything to
  • talk about their emotions.

The Mandu animation augments these topics by providing discussion opportunities to talk with children about everyone’s family being unique, it also explains that not all children have five adults they can trust to be their heroes, this may be more significant for children who are living in foster care or adoption.

While the Mandu video will be publicly available, a free two-hour training session is required prior to receiving the rest of the resources. This can be organised with the Office of the Children's Guardian.

For further information, contact kidsmedia@kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au