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Registered agencies

The agencies listed on this page are registered with the Office of the Children's Guardian to provide or arrange voluntary out-of-home care services. If a child or young person is in voluntary out-of-home care with one or more registered agencies for longer than 90 days in any 12-month period, then a designated agency must supervise the care.    

Registered agencies in voluntary out-of-home care

Previously registered agencies - Voluntary out-of-home care End Date
Australian Home Care Services Pty Ltd 16 October 2015
Bankstown Handicapped Children's Centre Assoc Inc 02 May 2012
Challenge Foundation Goulburn Incorporated 14 August 2015
Cowarra (Bruce and Susan and Willingham) 23 November 2016
Currajong Disability Services Inc 16 November 2011
Dial-An-Angel Pty Ltd 28 February 2017
Delphi Community Services 21 September 2015
Dolleina Pty Limited 17 February 2017
Estia Foundation of Australia 14 February 2017
Greystanes Disability Services 05 November 2015
iCare Support Services Pty Ltd (PO - Ms Julieann Cowen) 25 November 2015    
Individual Ability Supports Incorporated 05 May 2017
Interchange Respite Care Lismore 03 May 2012
Jacoul Respite Care Pty Ltd 01 February 2011
Julie Warner Community Care Pty Ltd 17 December 2015
Kirinari Community Services Ltd 23 January 2012
K Stutchbury & N Stutchbury 01 August 2016
Kyogle District Care Connections Inc 22 February 2017
New Lake Peer Support Inc 12 June 2012
R Brown & E.R. Brown (Prospect Farm) 23 November 2016
Response Services Incorporated 08 November 2016
SOS Nursing  & Home Care Pty Ltd 20 March 2015
The Ascent Group Australia Limited 02 May 2017
The Trustee for Nelson Family Trust (Just Better Care) 16 December 2015
The Trustee for Premium Ages Care Services Trust 04 May 2017
The Trustee for Recruitment Solutions Group Australia Trust (Belmore Community Care) 18 January 2017


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