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Designated agencies

Below is a list of designated agencies that can provide, arrange or supervise voluntary out-of-home care in NSW. A designated agency is an organisation that is accredited by the Children's Guardian to provide statutory out-of-home care services in NSW.

Previously registered to provide Voluntary Out-of-Home Care  End Date
Link-Up (NSW) Aboriginal Corporation 15 April 2012
Delphi Community Services Pty Ltd 29 September 2015
Greystanes Disability Services 05 November 2015
Key Assets Limited 04 August 2016
Endeavour Foundation 16 September 2016
The Benevolent Society 03 November 2017
Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for the Diocese of Broken Bay 18 May 2017
Unisson Disability Limited 05 February 2018
Wundarra Services   29 June 2017


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